kontur, the label kontur, the official website of kontur, konturs officielle hjemmeside. We are a group of musicians/composers located primarily in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. Separately, we play solo concerts on our laptops and other technical equipment. Together, we are a live performing audio-visual force for concerts, showcases and special events. For bookings or questions, feel free to email us. With a background and starting point in Western European composed music, txture (a.k.a. Jakob Weigand Goetz b.1972) works with recorded, acoustic, and electronic sound. The material is tonal and thoroughly composed. He seeks a homogenous expression, rich on texture, timbre and energy. This is achieved by working with many layers of processed textural sounds and glitches that are tightly interwoven. Txtures music is often symphonic or oceanic like a warm, stormy sea. The sound material is noisy and fragmented. Many of the compositions are energetic like noise rock, however without beats, held together instead by loops of 10-15 seconds duration. The experience of these loops keeps changing as non-repetitive tightly woven material is composed on top of them. There is a distinct dialogue in the work of txture, which is audible on different levels. Dissonance vs. consonance, noise vs. tone, glitches vs. harmonic shape, loops vs. composed material. In this way the music oscillates between several plateaus of intensification and relaxation. In his compositional work Rune SÝchting (b. 1974) focuses on the soundsí immediate sensuous qualities. The language and logic of the sonic material are investigated with a main focus on timbre, texture and transparency. The material is created and processed starting from its textural nature. The sounds are modulated and transformed and in this process evolves a tension between pure abstract sonic figures and sounds that evoke something concrete and almost recognisable. There seem to be an unmistakably organic, almost physical quality about these artificial sonic shapes that find their expression in suggestive and imagery creating sequences, often with a slightly dreamy quality. The compositions stand out as highly detailed, spacious structures, where ambient backdrops are contrasted with dense dynamic movements. With computer and synthesizer ir (a.k.a. Jonas Olesen b. 1979) creates soundscapes, soundcollages and montages. His pieces often have a tonal affiliation, but at the same time they are filled with noisy erratic sounds. He makes the computer sound like a stuttering and sputtering old machine, yet from this fragile universe he manages to create a charming and inventive expression. He deconstructs his material by cutting it up and looping it at different paces. These cutup sonic figures fall on top of each other, challenging our understanding of phrase and rhythm in music.